SubSea Robotics

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The SubSea Robotics Program is the entry point for a variety of exciting careers. This training program, offered by Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in Waco, Texas, is a series of 7 modules designed to develop basic skills and proficiency in offshore/onshore remotely operated vehicles (ROV'S) and the Fiber Optics field. Instruction is provided by experienced industry professionals and modules are designed based on the inputs from companies who use this equipment and training in their daily operations. Students who successfully complete this program will not only be able to operate and maintain remotely operated vehicles, but step into many different fields, such as electronics, hydraulics, fiber optics, or rigging. The program places a strong emphasis on safety. Employers, for the past 17 years have looked to the SubSea Robotics program and it's graduates as a source of new employees.


These courses are designed to provide our students with onshore and offshore Robotic ROV and Fiber Optics operations with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform job duties safely and effectively. Numerous proven practical and test exercises are included with the course topics. These not only help motivate the students, but also build interest and confidence. Our overall goal is to ensure that our students graduate with the proper tools and certifications necessary for a successful career.

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